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Learn how to send bulk emails using Gmail Mail Merge for free email marketing. With this method, you can send up to 2000 emails at once. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Compose your email and save it as a draft

Open your Gmail account
Click on “Compose” to start a new email
Leave the recipient field blank
Add a subject line for your email
Use “{{Company Name}}” to automatically add the name of your recipients
Save your email as a draft

Step 2: Create a Google Sheet for your email contacts

Go to Google Docs and click on “Sheets”
Create a new blank sheet
Add the email addresses of your companies to the sheet

Step 3: Install the Mergo Mail Merge add-on and send your emails

Click on “Add-ons” in Google Sheets
Click on “Get Add-ons” and search for “Mergo Mail Merge”
Install the Mergo Email Marketing add-on and give it permission to access your account.
Reload the page and click on “Mergo Add-ons”
Click on “Mail Merge” and select the draft email you saved earlier
Click on “Send Emails”- Your email will be sent to all the email addresses you added
Check the “Merge Status” to see the status of your emails
You’re done!

0:00 – Compose your email and save it as a draft
1:51 – Create a Google Sheet for your email contacts
4:24 – Install the Mergo Mail Merge add-on and send your emails
6:48 – Done

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