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In this HubSpot Tutorial, I guide you through how to create email campaigns with HubSpot (Free CRM).

HubSpot provides a powerful, free and all-in-one CRM platform for small business. This CRM provides easy to use email campaign features that allow you to create and send email campaigns. HubSpot is an ideal email marketing platform for those wanting to get started with email marketing.

► Get started with HubSpot free CRM here:
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The free HubSpot CRM also allows you to send over 2000 email campaigns per month.

► In this HubSpot tutorial for beginners we cover the following:

0:00 Intro
01:10 HubSpot CRM dashboard
02:10 Email Footer
03:08 Subscription Types
04:30 Create Email Campaigns
07:11 Customise Email
17:34 Email Settings
19:05 Send or Schedule Email
20:35 Review and Send Email
21:54 Launch/Send Email
22:52 Outro

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