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Have you ever wanted to link your Power BI reports to Power Automate? Have you ever wanted to execute a Power Automate workflow recursively to a list of user-selected records from a Power BI report? In this video, Tim and Henry show you how to connect Power BI and Power Automate. They first go through the simple example of sending emails to specific records, and then go through some bonus features (thresholds, etc.) that you can add to your Power BI reports to ensure your users don’t accidentally send thousands of emails.  

***** Video Details *****
00:00 Introduction
02:25 Data set
04:08 Potential issues
05:41 Fields
07:42 Creating a flow
09:02 Dynamic content
11:25 Initialize variable
13:12 Increment variable
14:51 Condition
18:46 Slicer

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