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This email marketing video shows how to send bulk emails for free.
Download Link: https://bit.ly/37KMbyo
Now you can send mass email campaigns to your email list using Amazon SES service for free. I was getting many questions on how can we send bulk emails for free so I have decided to come up with the method I use for my email marketing strategies to send mass emails for free.
Sending bulk emails for free is easy with amazon ses where you can send up to 60000 emails per day for free.
For sending bulk emails 100% free, you must have some good coding skills to develop an integration system with amazon SES, otherwise you will have to use some email marketing software to integrate with amazon ses to send bulk emails.

This video covers the following topics:
-How to send bulk emails for free
-Sending Mass emails for marketing?
-How can we send emails to many people at a time
-how to use Amazon ses to send emails

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