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For stress-free, worry-free emails in English, here are 7 tips plus common sentence starters you can use now to write professional emails in English, step-by-step.

Why are professional emails different and why should you be more careful when writing them?

A professional email in English should be:

– Clear
– Concise
– Polite
– Productive

Your professional emails should be easy to read and they should get the job done whether it’s to inform, request, propose, and so on.

Unlike emails to friends and family, there are specific standards for a professional email in English when writing to

– your English-speaking boss about a situation a work
– a new international client who you want to impress
– a colleague in another country
– your professor
– a Human Resources Manager about a new job opportunity in an English-speaking company
– an employer about a job interview

The emails you send represent you. What you say and how you write gives an impression of you.

With a professional email style, you will communicate with others effectively. And that’s what this Confident English lesson will help you do with 7 simple tips plus sentence starters for common emails in English.

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00:00 – Intro to professional emails in English
01:30 – What professional emails in English should be
02:42 – Tip 1: Clear subject lines with examples
04:40 – Tip 2: Use greetings – always
07:19 – Tip 3: Follow the KISS principle with examples
09:44 – Tip 4: Make your request/purpose clear with sentence starters
13:45 – Tip 5: Use an appropriate closing
14:27 – Tip 6: Review and edit
15:34 – Tip 7: What to include in your signature



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