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Use these practical tips to write compelling emails in English. In other words, write emails others want to read and respond to accordingly.

It’s discouraging to spend time writing an email in English — getting the grammar and word choices just right — and then never getting a response.

In the past, I’ve shared lessons on How to Write Professional Emails Step-by-Step and common mistakes to avoid.

In this lesson, we go beyond the basics with a focus on writing compelling emails.

To help, I interviewed Elena Mutonono, a business coach who works with her clients on writing effective emails in English.

In the interview, we discuss
– simple mindset shifts to reduce stress when writing an email
– small changes you can make to ensure a compelling email
– how to follow up if you don’t get an answer
– what to do about mistakes

And much more.

After you watch, share your biggest takeaway with me in the comments.

Get the full lesson at the Speak Confident English website: https://www.speakconfidentenglish.com/write-compelling-emails-in-english

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00:00 – Intro
02:39 – Elena’s background
04:15 – Mindset shifts to reduce stress when writing emails in English
07:30 – How to write a compelling email in English
10:18 – How to follow up on unanswered emails
13:31 – What to do about mistakes in an email
16:46 – What it means to ‘read into content’ and why we should avoid it
19:05 – Where to find Elena online



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