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Cold email is a powerful way to reach anyone, the CEO of a company you wanna work with, or the hiring manager of your dream job. But as online privacy and online detection are getting better it getting harder and harder to make sure your emails are ending up in the primary inbox.

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Why your Cold emails get marked as spam


You can have control over your cold email deliverability. In outbound outreach, it’s crucial how many of the emails you sent actually get to your prospects’ inboxes.

Emails should be crafted to avoid landing in spam or being marked as spam by the subscribers. Therefore, it is important for agencies to focus on learning the spam trigger words and anti-spam laws to avoid getting spammed.

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00:00 Why your Cold emails get marked as spam
00:35 Your email isn’t warmed up
01:25 It’s not customized at all
02:19 Your content triggered the spam filter
03:10 Are your emails and tools configured properly?
03:48 sending too many emails at once
04:27 Your user engagement rates are too low
05:18 Deliverability is not good


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