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✅ If you’re not getting email messages sent by one particular person, there’s a list of things to check.

✅ Email from one contact not getting through?
If you’re not getting email from one particular contact, make sure it’s being sent correctly, not showing up in spam, and not getting bounced back. If there’s no clue, then one of you might need to use a different email service. If your email service is Microsoft-provided, that might best be you.

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0:00 Emails From One Person
0:35 The simplest explanation
1:00 Auto-complete or Auto-fill
1:32 Spam, perhaps?
1:54 Allow-lists (also called “never block list,” “white list,” etc.)
2:16 Mark as Not Spam
2:49 Do they get a bounce?
3:25 No trace?
3:35 Your friend’s email is spam.
4:05 Your friend’s email service is untrusted
5:00 Change email service
5:30 A word about Microsoft

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