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🚨 Emergency Update: Your email marketing is at RISK! 🚨 Prepare to dodge Google’s deadly 2024 update and stay off the dreaded blacklist! 📧💀 In this must-watch video, I’ll unveil the SURVIVAL STRATEGIES you need to conquer the 2024 Email Apocalypse.

Are you concerned that Google will kill email marketing in 2024? Well, don’t be! As it turns out, Google has big plans for email marketing and they want to see it grow even more.

In this video, we’ll share with you the latest Google email update and Google’s plans for email marketing. We’ll discuss the future of email marketing and how it’s going to change over the next few years. After watching this video, you’ll have a better understanding of Google’s plans for email marketing and be better prepared to make the most of your email marketing strategy.

0:00 – Cold Email Crisis 2024
0:22 – Email Algorithm Updates
2:02 – Impact of Email Changes
4:24 – Avoiding Email Spam Filters
7:55 – Future of Email Marketing
10:32 – Generating Massive Leads
11:02 – Engagement Call-to-Action
11:08 – Subscribe Reminder

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