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Manage your inbox so you can be more productive and less stressed! I’ll share email management techniques that help you get organized. You’ll also learn time management techniques to instantly put more time in your day and easily manage your Outlook Inbox.
Does inbox zero work? The inbox zero method gave me anxiety so I had to find other ways to manage my emails. The method I share in the video is the best of all approaches I’ve tried.
With these Outlook tips you’ll be able to increase your productivity. You’ll also learn important Microsoft Outlook tips and techniques to tame your inbox.

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Aside from getting control of your inbox, you’ll also learn Outlook email organization best practices:
– Outlook Quick Steps and Quick Steps shortcuts
– Creating a folder in Outlook
– Using rules in outlook and even conditionality formatting Outlook emails

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00:00 Email Management Strategies
02:07 Develop Email Routine
03:03 How to Turn Off Windows Notifications
03:36 How to Work Offline in Outlook
04:00 Use Action-Based Folder System | Limited Number of Folders
06:58 How to Create a Folder in Outlook
07:21 How to Use Quick Steps in Outlook
08:32 How to Turn Email into Appointments in Outlook
09:07 How to Change Startup Folder in Outlook
09:44 Clean Your Inbox
10:13 How to Setup Rules in Outlook
11:09 How to Color-Code CC Messages with Conditional Formatting in Outlook
12:26 Wrap-Up

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