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The former leader of the free world emailed his supporters what was described as a “Confidential Trump Message” with the subject line, “For YOUR EYES only.”

“President Trump has a TOP SECRET message for you,” the email began. “This is official correspondence from the Office of the 45th President of the United States and is only being sent to a select few patriots. If you are not the intended recipient of this email, please delete it IMMEDIATELY.”

The email claimed the “confidential video will EXPIRE any minute now” and urged a contribution to “unlock President Trump’s SECRET VIDEO MESSAGE.”

The video, announcing that Trump will be speaking at the Conservative Political Action Conference, was actually released last month.

Trump’s fundraising tactics have been controversial, even among Republicans.

“Donald Trump’s spamming of Republican donors could kneecap party efforts to build a steady funding stream for future elections and compete with Democratic fundraising, top GOP officials are privately warning,” Axios reported Thursday. “The former president’s decision to bombard donors with numerous daily emails and texts is sucking up record sums. Four top GOP digital strategists tell Axios it’s also imperiling efforts to build a sustainable, grassroots base of financial support for anyone not named Trump.”