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On the Crypto Mason channel, we are building a global community that cares about health, wealth, and self. A community of like-minded people who are looking to transform every aspect of their lives.

I am Mason Versluis or “Crypto Mason. I am a cryptocurrency investor, digital creator, and internet entrepreneur. Through my content, I mix crypto and finance with spirituality and philosophy.

The cryptocurrency market and blockchain technology have expanded and upgraded. Crypto is taking the world by storm. My channel aims to teach cryptocurrency to beginners and transform them into experts. This channel is my outlet for me to express my opinions and thoughts on the current crypto and financial markets. We cover crypto news, XRP news, Hedera Hashgraph, XDC, XinFin Network and many other cryptos. Some of the crypto altcoins we regularly talk about include XRP, HBAR, ALGO, QNT, XLM, ENJ and more.

I offer a unique perspective compared to channels like BitBoy Crypto, XRP Chiz, Bearable Bull, ExtraVOD, Crypto Casey, Crypto Zombie, or Crypto Kirby, in that I am very into spirituality and deep esoteric knowledge. This comes out in my cryptocurrency analysis and when making videos about crypto.


⚠️ DISCLAIMER: I AM NOT A FINANCIAL ADVISOR, ACCOUNTANT, LAWYER, OR ANY PROFESSION REGARDING FINANCES. DO NOT MAKE ANY FINANCIAL DECISIONS BASED ON WHAT I SAY, PLEASE DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH AND INVEST USING SMART AND SAFE METHODS AND PRACTICES. I am not a financial advisor and my videos are for entertainment purposes only. Nothing on my channel is financial advice. Everything I post is from my own experiences. The links above are referral or affiliate links. Which means I earn a commission when signing up using my link at no extra cost to you . All of my links are with companies I use personally.

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