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In this 2023 email marketing strategy, you’ll learn how to create a profitable email campaign that will help you reach your goals!

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This strategy is based on principles that have been proven to work time and time again. You’ll learn how to set up a profitable email campaign, target your audience, and track your results so you can see how your campaign is doing. After learning this strategy, you’ll be able to create a profitable email campaign that will help you reach your goals!

.This email marketing strategy is simple, but it works – and it can help you too. I’ll show you how to set up your campaign, target your audience, and track your results. If you’re looking for a successful email marketing strategy that can help you make money, then this is the video for you!

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0:00 Introduction
00:21 How this email campaign works
02:30 Sending daily emails
03:40 Story based emails
04:42 Share based emails
05:00 Shot emails
05:17 Hands up emails (weekly)
06:50 Metric I measure
08:25 Follow up
10:00 How to automate

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👋 ABOUT ME: I am Mike Killen. My mission is to help freelancers, digital marketers, marketing agencies, and business owners make as much money as they want while making a meaningful contribution. This channel is dedicated to helping you learn and build sales skills, business frameworks, and digital marketing tools so you can serve an audience and be valuable in the marketplace.