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Check Pabbly Here: https://www.pabbly.com/email-marketing/

Check updated version for the integration of Gmail SMTP with Pabbly Email Marketing: https://forum.pabbly.com/threads/gmail-gsuite-integration-with-pabbly-email-marketing.1593/

This is a PAID Software. We offered free version earlier but due to abuse by free users, we stopped offering the free version of our software entirely. This software works as mentioned but it is no longer a free software. Good things come at a price.

If you want to send bulk emails through Gmail without worrying about the email sending limits, you can do that using Pabbly.

There are 3 things you will be going to learn are –
1. How to connect multiple Gmail/Gsuite accounts in a single interface for sending emails.
2. How to control the email sending speed. For example, you can send 400 emails in a day and Pabbly will evenly spread out the emails that are sent through Gmail.
3. How to send through multiple Gmail accounts at once through smart email routing. For example: if you want to send 10,000 emails in a single day. You can use 5 G-Suite accounts to do it all and send all emails to your subscribers in a day.
The Gmail sending limit is 500 emails per day and the GSuite email sending limit is 2000 emails per day. You will learn how you can send emails without any limits with Gmail.
Check out Pabbly Email marketing where you can connect multiple Gmail accounts and control the email sending speed through Gmail.
Pabbly is an online platform, which offers the best in class solutions for online form building, email marketing, subscription billing, email list verification and many more.

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