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Art Director – Renna Pilar – @rennapilar
PA – Spruce Bohen – @sprucebohen
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Animation by Christian Tachiera

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oh so u do have a type
and it’s not me
oh so u can reply
Just to not me
If u wanted brown eyes
I coulda got contacts
so y’all are in Paris now
guess it’s public
Face like that other girl
You’re in love with
you knew i would see that
you knew i would notice
she looks nothing like me
Can’t really tell should i be
trynna take it as a compliment
it’s Kinda feeling like the opposite
she looks nothing like me
so why do u look so happy
now i think i get the cause of it
U were holding out to find the opposite
and i know now
even if i tried to change
that somehow
You’d end up with her anyway
Does she say nothing so you feel good
Does she step out of the spotlight so you bathe in it
does she get up on top of you more than i would
do she just love the picture cause
You’re painting it
i care but i don’t
Just wondering when you
said I’m beautiful
was i being lied to