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On Sunday, the Republican-led House Oversight Committee released new emails (pdf) that prove that Anthony Fauci was instrumental in prompting the drafting of the fraudulent Proximal Origin paper. That paper was first published by a group of Fauci-funded scientists on Feb. 16, 2020. The paper immediately became the media’s go-to evidence to propagate the fake natural origin theory. In fact, it became one of the most cited papers in history.

And it was all a fraud.

While bits and pieces of the fraud were already known, the stunning new emails released by House Oversight now place Fauci and his British side-kick, pharmaceutical trust CEO Jeremy Farrar at the center of the fraud. It’s an incredible story of lies and deceit.

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New House Oversight Emails Place Fauci at Center of COVID Origin Fraud | Trailer | Truth Over News

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