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Time to share alllll the details on my TOP form of digital marketing- and that is EMAIL MARKETING. *gasp* I know, I know, you thought I was going to say keeping up with the newest social media trend, right? Though promoting on social definitely has its own benefits, no other form of digital marketing even comes CLOSE to the results of advertising to your email list. Unfortunately, Etsy doesn’t have a built in system to collect email addresses from your customers, so it’s up to us Etsy sellers to build a list outside of Etsy and create an easy pathway for those visiting our shop to click right over and join. There are several steps to this but they are fairly simple once you know what to do and believe me are SO worth it once you have that list of warm email leads growing. So if you’ve been wanting effective strategy for how to sell on Etsy successfully, how to build an email list, tips for Etsy email marketing, how to make money online 2023, or even just looking for work from home jobs and aren’t sure which way to go yet, I got you covered. In this video, I’m explaining each step of building your email list to start using email marketing for your biz from the ground up. We’re talking lead magnet ideas, lead generation, landing pages, email service providers, alllllll the things. Consider this your “email marketing for beginners crash course”. This email marketing tutorial is sure to get you taking that next step to level up your online business and Etsy shop. Having an Etsy email list will serve you well whether you’re selling Etsy digital products, vintage, handmade, or Etsy print on demand. EVERY online business NEEDS an email list to use for digital marketing. So if you’ve looked for more insight on how to make sales on Etsy, this is it, friend. Lean into building your email list and you’re sure to see more results!

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