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Dive into the world of email marketing 📧 with this beginner-friendly guide, tailored for Etsy sellers 👕
Learn how to build an engaging email list 📋, craft compelling campaigns 💌, and boost your Etsy sales effectively 💸.
Watch now for actionable insights and strategies to transform your online business 🚀 and outshine the competition 💪

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Sale Samurai – Use code cassiy20 for 20% off https://salesamurai.io/377.html
Hello Custom Personalization Automation https://hellocustom.io/challenge?via=cassihttps://youtu.be/3BPPwZh_k_A

00:00:00 – Selling on Etsy and the Importance of Building an Email List
00:01:33 – Using Analytics Tools on Etsy
00:03:07 – Email Marketing Strategies for Etsy Sellers
00:04:46 – Adding Product Links to Emails
00:06:19 – Setting Up Automated Emails for Etsy Orders
00:07:53 – Customizing Order Confirmation and Subscription Offers
00:09:23 – Creating a Specific Coupon for Customers
00:10:56 – Building and managing your email list in Everbee email

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