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Melania Trump might have finally been roped into her husband’s indictment in New York, as the DA’s office has now requested her emails as part of the continuing investigation before the trial. This move came completely out of nowhere, at least to those of us who aren’t stationed inside the DA’s office, and it could mean that Melania KNEW what was happening and could have been even more involved than we think. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses the latest move by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg.

Link – https://www.alternet.org/trump-hush-money-2661927816/

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An interesting development happened this week when it was revealed that the Manhattan DA’s office, Alvin Bragg’s office in New York, has now requested the electronic communications of Melania Trump. Melania Trump, who was not an official with the Trump organization, she was just married to the guy running the company. And of course, Alvin Bragg is trying to, uh, say that Donald Trump ran a foul of the law by using his company to hide the payments that he made to Stormy Daniels. So why is Melania suddenly involved? That’s the giant question mark. Why are her communications relevant? Now, we don’t know much about this development, but what we do know is that Melania Trump did have extensive communication with one Trump executive, uh, by the name of Rona Graff. She’s been a longtime company executive. So Melania and Rona had been emailing back and forth. We don’t know about what, but we do know there are communications and apparently Alvin Brag has seen evidence that would suggest that, wait a minute, I need these emails, because that’s the part of this.

Again, even though we don’t know what exactly he’s looking at, we don’t know exactly what all communications he wants. We do know this. When you are conducting an investigation or when you’re carrying out a lawsuit, you follow the threads wherever they may lead. In fact, that’s actually the, the terminology they use when you’re in law school. They talk about following the threads and looking for the golden thread. But anyway, so if Alvin Bragg, through the course of his investigation comes across communications, and so he starts diving into those communications of those executives, one of those executives could have been Rona Graf, and then if he suddenly sees an email with Melania on it, that might mention something relevant to the case. Actually, that definitely mentions something relevant to the case. That’s immediately something Alvin Bragg is gonna put a little sticky note on and say, I need more of this. This is important. This seems like something that we need to go deeper into. So again, we may not know exactly what he’s looking for, but I do trust the judgment on this, and I don’t think he’s just, you know, throwing darts at a board saying, okay, who gets the next subpoena? Oh, Melania forgot I put her name up there. That’s not what’s happening. If he wants to subpoena Melania Trump for her electronic communications, it’s because he’s seen. So that leads him to believe there could be evidence in Melania’s digital devices.