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Site: https://sendvilla.com/

Sendvilla allows users to search for new leads and gather business listings by simply typing in a keyword and selecting a location or region.

We aim to help businesses eliminate the major hurdles of gathering data, allowing them to scale your outreach initiatives in a quick, simple, and cost-effective manner.

Not just a lead generation tool, Sendvilla also comes with an email tool that makes running email marketing campaigns much easier for our users.

With the combination of our lead generation and email marketing tools, Sendvilla helps users to meet new customers and improve interaction by sending their marketing messages to a more targeted audience.

We designed Sendvilla to help them quickly build your business’s database, enhance conversions, and optimize their audience engagement with beautiful emails, list segmentation, and unique delivery tools.

Over 80% of our users have generated high-quality leads through Sendvilla and are continuing to use our tools on a regular basis for their outreach activities.

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