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In this video, I will teach you how to get emails from anonymous visitors who visit your site with a controversial service called Retention.com

0:00 Intro
0:58 What Is Retention.com?
1:25 How Does Retention.com Work?
2:26 Is Retention.com Legal?
3:06 Is Retention.com Safe?
3:31 Will Retention.com Increase Your Spam Rate?
4:54 Are The Emails From Retention.com Active And Real?
5:37 Is Retention.com Legit?
5:59 How Much Does Retention.com Cost?
6:24 What Percentage Of Visitors Will Retention.com Find Emails For?
6:38 How To Get Started With Retention.com
6:54 Step 1: Install The Retention.com Collection Script
7:21 Step 2: Integrate Retention.com With Your Email Marketing Provider
7:44 Step 3: Create An Autoresponder Sequence For Your Acquired Email Subs
8:03 Step 4: Update Your Privacy Policy
8:19 Retention.com Best Practices
9:10 How To Avoid Double Paying For Emails
9:52 Is Retention.com Profitable?
10:41 Is Retention.com Worth Using?

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