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It’s possible to send mass personalized emails with Gmail to reach a large targeted audience. In this video, you’re going to learn how to send mass personalized emails with Gmail with a Google add-on called Mailmeteor.

Install Mailmeteor ► https://workspace.google.com/marketplace/app/mailmeteor_for_gmail/1008170693301


📚 Additional Mass Mailing Resources

Mail merge Gmail: the Definitive Guide ► https://mailmeteor.com/mail-merge-gmail/

Mail merge Gmail tutorial ►https://mailmeteor.com/mail-merge-gmail/tutorial

Mailmeteor website ► https://mailmeteor.com​


❓Frequently asked questions

How many emails can be sent at once in Gmail?
➜ You can send up to 2000 emails per day with a Google Workspace account. Gmail.com free accounts can send up to 500 emails per day.

Is it safe to send mass emails in Gmail?
➜ It’s important to follow Google’s bulk sender guidelines to send mass emails without getting blocked. We’re detailing these guidelines in the video. To learn more, check our article about the best practices for optimizing your Gmail deliverability: https://mailmeteor.com/blog/gmail-deliverability

Can you group emails in Gmail?
➜ You can send emails to a group of people from Google Contacts, but the best way to mass email and hide recipients is to use a mass email tool such as Mailmeteor.

How do I do a mass email?
➜ Watch this video to learn more about bulk email campaigns in Gmail.

How do I send a mass email and hide recipients in Gmail?
➜ What’s great about using a tool with Mailmeteor is that each of your recipient receives a unique email. It’s as if you wrote a personal email to every recipient. This is much more effective than including everyone in a grouped email or using BCC and trying to hide recipients.

💌 Mass emails in Gmail use cases

Whether you’re in sales, marketing, education, project management, data analysis, events organization.., mass mailing emails with Gmail can save you hours of time.

Here are some mass emails examples with Gmail:

👉 Lead generation & lead nurturing: send bulk emails to your clients, partners, or prospects. It’s even possible to link your mail merge campaigns with your favorite CRMs (Salesforce, Hubspot…)

👉 Cold emailing from Gmail: run efficient cold emailing or follow-up campaign right from Gmail and drive more sales.

👉 Sending newsletters from Gmail: engage with your community thanks to newsletters sent directly from Gmail. You will find that the combination of Google Sheets and Gmail is more than enough to replace a heavy email platform. You can even customize the design of your emails with HTML templates.

👉 School, Colleges & Universities communications: a mail merge is the best medium for teach-parent communications, as well as diffusing information to your students. A lot of schools, colleges, and universities across the world use mail merge for their staff and students. If you’re working in Education, there is a free Education Program that offers free unlimited mail merge.

👉 Sending holidays greetings: a mail merge is perfect to greet your friends and family at different periods of the year (New Year’s Eve wishes, birthdays or Holidays…)

👉 Events invitations and events management: Inviting people to an event (a webinar, wedding, job-dating, fair, conference, meetup, your wedding…) and collecting answers from a large list of guests and invitees.

👉 Launching a product or service: it’s the D-day and you want to announce your Kickstarter, AppSumo ​or Product Hunt launch to everyone? Use a mail merge to spread the news!

👉 Link building: if you want to build authority backlinks, a good idea is to use email outreach. It will help reach out to bloggers and journalists without ending up in their spam folder.

👉 Job hunting: no need to look further for the perfect email service for job applications. Apply to many job offers at once and track the status of your application straight from a spreadsheet.

👉 PR & Communications: reach out easily to journalists or influencers and track answers.

👉 Automating tedious email tasks: in the end, mail merge is the way to go if you have a bunch of emails to send from Gmail and you want to avoid the pain of manually composing each email!

0:00 Introduction
0:30 Install Mailmeteor
0:40 Add contacts in Google Sheets
1:15 Compose your email template
1:47 Preview your emails
2:00 Send mass emails with Gmail
2:20 Gmail bulk sender guidelines

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