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In this video, we will discuss different ways how to delete all unread emails in Gmail and how third-party apps like Clean Email can make it easier.
→ How to delete all unread emails in Gmail: https://clean.email/how-to-delete-all-emails/delete-all-unread-emails-in-gmail

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00:38 How to delete all unread emails on Gmail (Search Mail Bar)
02:22 Delete all unread emails with third-party apps like Clean Email
03:40 How to delete unread emails using filters like age, size, etc. (Clean Email)
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There is a pretty good chance you receive loads of emails cluttering your Inbox. Although getting emails from the companies you do business with (and some you don’t!) seems to be the norm these days, the fact is that you don’t want to read them all. So, here I’m glad to show you a more streamlined process on how to delete all unread emails in Gmail with just a few quick clicks.

How to delete all unread emails on Gmail (Search Mail Bar)

Typically, most Gmail users sort their emails by the time messages were received with the latest on top. To see unread emails only, look for the number beside the Inbox folder on your left sidebar. However, this only applies to the messages in your primary inbox, not your Social or Promotions tabs, junk mail, or other folders.

Way 1: To see all of your unread Gmail emails at once, just filter your Gmail inbox using the Search Mail bar, type is:unread. Once you’ve filtered your Unread emails, you can remove them all with a couple of clicks.

Way 2: Click the Down arrow in the Search Mail bar. At the bottom of the list, click the dropdown menu for the Search field and select Unread Mail. Click the blue Search button.

Once you have the list of Unread emails, click the checkbox at the top of the list to select all messages. Click the trashcan icon and confirm to delete all selected messages.

How to delete all unread emails with third-party apps like Clean Email

However, what if you don’t want to delete all unread emails in your Gmail inbox but only those from a specific date, or of a certain size, or just keep the newest ones? In that case, you may want to use a third-party solution like Clean Emai.

With Clean Email, you can sign up with one or multiple different email addresses from different email providers, and here you can manage and control all your emails in just one place.

There is a couple of ways how you can take care of your unread emails.

Way 1: Click the Unread Emails folder on the left to see all (and every) your unread emails in one place. Click Select all and tap Trash to delete them all.

Way 2: If you want to just delete certain unread emails, use filters like age, size, etc. on the top of the email list.

Now in combination with deleting your unread emails, you can declutter your Inbox by using Unsubscriber to get rid of unwanted newsletters—here is how you can do it: https://youtu.be/A9c26Ev9ui0 — or you can block email addresses so you don’t get messages from those senders anymore. Check this video about how to block an email address:

Try out all options mentioned in this video and share your feedback in the comment section below.

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