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Auto forward emails in Outlook step by step. Rather than keep toggling between various email accounts, it’s better to forward all received emails from various email ids to your main email id. This can be achieved very easily in Office Outlook. So, in this video I’ll show you how to automatically forward all yours emails from one email account into another. It is actually technically called redirecting emails rather forwarding. In Outlook, go to the home tab, then under move, select Rules, and then select manage rules and alerts. Here, you could follow the video and step by step forward your emails.

After setting the email redirecting rule in Outlook it’s important to read below.
IMPORTANT – some email accounts providers consider a redirected email as a suspicious email and hence might transfer it to your junk/spam folder. It depends on the origin of the email and whether you’ve previously approved an email from the same sender. So, I recommended to check your spam folder and approve (add to the safe sender list) any email that you trust from the account that the email was automatically forwarded. Over time, more and more emails would be properly sorted.

Finally, by forwarding your emails to your main email id and not using your main email id for unimportant websites, etc, your main email account would become more safe. In other words, by using less of your main email id, you can keep it more secure.

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