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Agency owners that are stuck and can’t scale.

Chances are, you’re stuck because you are focussing too much on trying to get clients by doing cold emails, cold outreach or worse yet, cold calls.

These are extremely unpredictable, time-consuming, leave you feeling burnt out and are ineffective in 2023.

Seriously, it takes the average person around 2,000 emails just to land one measly $1,500/pm client!

They are also VERY hard to scale because they are a form of “1-1 marketing” so they aren’t scalable and don’t compound over time.

This is also why you’re having difficulty standing out in your saturated niches, even when you offer 3 different guarantees to clients!

Your cold outreach approach and offer are the same as all the other agency owners out there.

The key to standing out and getting high-ticket clients predictably in 2023 is building an inbound client acquisition system

Instead of chasing clients like everyone else, you need a system that attracts clients to you for your services.

This doesn’t take years to build up by the way. Nor do you have to go crazy posting 6 times a day on social media.

But the gurus don’t teach this, it’s their best-kept secret.

If you’ve ever bought a course on SMMA or anything else, think about how you bought that program…

I bet it wasn’t because you were cold-emailed/cold-called by the course creator was it?

It was because you went out of your way to purchase from someone you resonated with, right?

Exactly! Well take that same inbound system and replicate it on a small scale for your agency services.

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