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Did you know you can create an Outlook email from Excel? You can even create it with an Excel formula using cell references for mailto, subject and cc? The Excel Hyperlink formula gives you the ability to create dynamic emails.

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In this video you will learn how to use the Excel Hyperlink feature to create a manual email hyperlink. As we’re doing this step, we learn some key components of the Hyperlink feature that will enable us to make the process dynamic by using Excel’s Hyperlink Function.

This Excel tutorial will also show you how you can get creative with the Hyperlink function. We will use the Excel IF Function to create two different types of emails depending on whether goals were reached or not. We will also use some of Excel’s text functions like TRIM and LEFT function to grab the part of the text we need for our email.

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00:00 How to Create Emails from Excel with a Formula
03:20 How to Use the HYPERLINK Function in Excel
05:29 Add a Subject Line
06:23 Add a CC Recipient
06:57 Add Body Text to the Email
07:22 Add a Line Break to the Body Text
08:27 Wrap Up

What to do if you need:
Excel email with Multiple Mail-to: If you’d like to have multiple recipients for the mailto address, just add the email addresses in the same cell and separate them with a semicolon.

Add a Line break to email body: To add a link break in the email body, you can us the carriage return character (%0A).

Beware of Excel’s formula 255 character limit – you can’t use the Hyperlink formula for extra long emails. Keep the [friendly name] as short as you can to allow for more characters in the rest of the email.

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