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New Work From Home that can pay up to $70K per year depeding on experience level. This is a non phone email chat only job assisting customers and reporting their issues to staff. PLEASE READ ENTIRE JOB LISTING FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION. THIS IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY AS AN APPLICANT. CLICK THE LINK BELOW ITS THE FIRST JOB IN ALL CAPS 👇🏽
Knack Customer Support Specialist (US ONLY)
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Timestamps/Video Chapters
00:00 Intro
00:40 Message For Non US Residents (Internationals)
01:46 Importance Of Taking An Initiative In Reading Full Job Listing As An Applicant!
02:48 Get To Know Knack!
03:33 Company Ratings And Reviews
03:56 Avoid This Misconception About “Unheard Of ” Remote Companies
06:19 About The Job
06:45 Job Responsibilities
07:15 Must Haves/Requirements
07:57 If You Dont Meet A Qualifier
09:32 Job Benefits
09:54 How To Apply
10:27 What To Do If You Dont Hear Back!
10:51 Average Pay For This Role

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