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In this 90 minute long free course & training, I show you exactly how I generated over $360,000 in automated revenue for a previous E-Commerce client of mine using email marketing automation.

Inside of this video, you’re going to learn:

– What is Email Marketing?
– The 5 Basic Automated Email Flows
– The Goals of Each Flow
– The Reverse Pyramid Email Sales Funnel Strategy™️
– How to write Email Copy for E-Commerce & Info-Products
– How to Write Subject Lines
– Value Driven Subject Lines vs. Obscurity Driven Subject Lines
– Content Writing: How to think about content ideas, integration with a brand’s voice, story selling structure, value selling & value driven emails
– Imaginative Identification vs. “Ego Attack”™️
– How to Position Discounts & Positioning Your Offers
– What to Charge Your Client & Why
– Emails for Ecom vs. Info-Products
– Time Delays to Use for Each Flow
– Back Population – How to Make Your Client $$$ As Soon As You Go Live
– Plain Text vs. High-Level Design: When to use which and where
– Basic Client Communication Strategies, Onboarding, & Data Reporting
– Popups: Lead magnet basics, Popup Timing, Aggressive vs. Unaggressive, and when to use SMS Capture
– BONUS: How to Guarantee you get paid from your clients & contract stipulations to protect yourself.

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