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📻 Would the workplace be better without emails? Michelle and Neil talk about a plan to stop office workers sending emails to each other. Find our more while you improve your English vocabulary knowledge AND practise your English listening with this archive episode of 6 Minute English. Would your workplace be better or worse without emails? Join the conversation in the comments 👇👇👇

Useful vocabulary:
✔️ to ban – to stop or forbid something
✔️ internal emails – emails sent between employees in a workplace
✔️ spam – junk emails that you did not ask for
✔️ definitive – determined, fixed or conclusive
✔️ embedding – implanting; fixing firmly
✔️ get rid of – stop; clear away; destroy
✔️ keeping records – keeping evidence of things that happen
✔️ give you the edge – give you an advantage
✔️ adopting – starting to use regularly

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English Rewind is a collection of programmes from the BBC Learning English archive. This episode of 6 Minute English was first published on the BBC Learning English website in January 2012.

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