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According to emails obtained by the January 6th Committee, Trump lawyer John Eastman knew that his plan to have Mike Pence intervene to stop the confirmation of the Electoral College votes was illegal, but he still pushed the vice president to go along with the scheme. The email was sent to Pence’s legal counsel, and it further underscores the illegal lengths that Trump’s team was willing to go to in order to steal the election. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins explains this new information.

Link – https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2022/mar/10/trump-lawyer-plan-john-eastman-mike-pence

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In a court filing last week, we learned that John Eastman, one of Donald Trump’s attorneys who was in that Willard hotel war room, actively encouraged the then vice president Mike Pence, to break the law. And as is often the case, as time has ticked on, we’ve learned a little bit more about John Eastman’s scheme to illegally, as he himself admits, try to overturn the results of the 2020 election. Here’s what happened. Eastman sent a memo to Mike Pence’s lawyer and in the letter he said, we, we need to do what we can. Adjourn Congress is what I would like for Mike Pence to do for 10 days so that they cannot certify the electoral college votes. And he admitted in the email, you know, this was a minor violation of the electoral count act, but he admits, yeah, it’s illegal. But hey, come on, what’s a little bit of illegality between a couple of buddies here trying to keep their boss’ job?

But what we’ve now learned, because all of that, by the way, was previously known. What we’ve learned now was the justification that Eastman used to try to convince Mike Pence to broke the law, break the law, because in the letter, Eastman actually says, listen, Congress technically already broke the law, the electoral vote count act, by not having their proceedings when it was supposed to happen because, you know, the Capitol riot happened. So think about that for a moment. Think about what John Eastman was doing on the day of January 6th in that Willard hotel war room. He’s watching these events unfold. He is watching the Capitol riot. He knows exactly what’s happening and he knows that Congress can’t do their job because of course the Capitol riot. So at this moment he gets the idea in his head. I’m going to use this as an explanation for why the vice president of the United States should also break the law. That’s what was going through that man’s mind at that time. That is how desperate he was to keep Donald Trump in office.

He’s watching the violence, this horrific action that took place on January 6th. And the first thing he thinks of is I can use this to my advantage. What a friggin’ scumbag, right? Like there, there’s almost no words to describe what a despicable, deplorable human being would have that immediate thought of. How can I use this to my advantage? Yet that is exactly what went through Eastman’s head and of course we know this because it’s all in the emails. And of course this also undercuts Eastman’s argument that what was going on in the Willard war room, totally legal. All our efforts to stop the electoral vote count, totally legal, well snared by the words outta your own mouth. Right? Because there it is in those emails, the committee has ’em, they’ve now been officially filed in a court. You’re screwed. And I hope, I hope you face some very serious repercussions from what you did that day and for those disgusting self-centered thoughts that were going through your brain.