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How To Do Email Marketing For Beginners with Examples
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How do you make money online? Well… one of the first things you need to do is start building up your email list of course!

But once you start getting people to subscribe to your emails, what are you actually supposed to do with that list?! 

When should you send emails? 
What should the emails say? 
Do all emails follow the same flow and format?
Are there any unspoken “email marketing rules” you should be following? 
How do you build relationships, create engagement and get conversions with email marketing?

I mean, what is the big deal about having an email list anyway if you’ve got mad followers or subscribers?! Isn’t email marketing dead?

You got questions. I got answers… 

In today’s video, I’m breaking down the 7 types of emails you need to be writing as a copywriter or online business owner.
Plus, because I know you guys LOVE examples I’ve included email marketing examples from campaigns that I’ve actually sent out to my own email list. 

So you can see what these emails actually look like in a real-life inbox. 



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