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In this email marketing tutorial, I share my 7 steps to build a WILDLY PROFITABLE email list of perfect potential buyers.

Having an engaged audience you can connect with through email, is the most important asset you can have in your business.

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01:28 Email Marketing Tutorial Worksheet Download (IMPORTANT!)
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04:36 Step 2
05:35 Step 3
06:39 Step 4
07:09 Step 5
09:48 Step 6
12:29 Step 7
14:09 FREE Webclass that will help you implement this strategy

Since this episode is going to be a tutorial, and we’re going to work on the steps together, you’ll want to grab the very special free resource that I put together for you called “The 7 Step Roadmap to Growing a Wildly Profitable Email List”.

After going through this episode and checklist with me, you’ll be able to learn about my personal seven figure list building strategy.

You can register for this webclass absolutely FREE here 👉 http://tanyaaliza.com/269

If you like this video where I talk about Email Marketing Tutorial | My 7-Figure List Building Strategy then check out this series of videos on Affiliate Marketing 👉 https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLF-WLUSLbjV0bGaJOPKFUleW6hbat_YvQ

📝 Show Notes and Resources mentioned in the video:

📌 My List Building Bootcamp – www.mylistbuildingbootcamp.com

I created this 6 week workshop to walk you through the simple steps of creating a high quality sales funnel for your Brand that attracts an engaged audience of perfect buyers to you. After you complete this program you will have a Freebie Funnel that brings you qualified leads, builds your email list (even if you don’t have one yet) and affords you the opportunity to spend less time on social media while making more sales.

📌 The Millionaire Morning Routine – http://www.tanyaaliza.com/mmr

As Entrepreneurs and Business Owners we need clarity, focus, routine, systems and a plan that gives us results, but more importantly the Freedom and Lifestyle that we’re working towards. I’m always asked to share my morning routine and I finally have been able to do this in this program. In my Millionaire Morning Routine I share with you how I attract wealth, success, clarity and happiness using my 5 step, 22 min morning routine. This routine has completely changed my life and I hope it helps you as much as it’s helped me.

💯 Tanya Aliza’s Kit – http://www.kit.co/tanyaaliza

Many people ask me to share my personal camera and video gear, my health, wellness and beauty products, my favorite books and more. Instead of listing out each item individually here on the blog, I made some really cool ‘KITS’ that you can check out.

I update these favorites all the time to make sure that I’m giving you the ‘latest and greatest’ in what I personally use and love.

If you don’t have a KIT that you share with your audience yet… make sure to check out the free training I made for you here → www.tanyaaliza.com/267

Kit’s are awesome and a great way to also add an additional revenue stream to your Brand.

🖌️ Done 4 You Brand Services – http://www.done4youbrand.com

For my super busy Entrepreneurs out there, I know that you might not have the time to go through the steps of a course or program, and you have the resources to get the experts to do all the work for you. Good news for you… My dedicated internal design team and I can work with you to get your online brand and business all set up. We are marketing experts AND design professionals which makes a big difference when it comes to your Online Brand and attracting leads and sales.

We build and design marketing funnels, websites/blogs, logos, brand boards, facebook business pages and more!

🌟 B-LAB – http://www.BuildLikeABossGroup.com

The B-LAB stands for BUILD LIKE A BOSS! And that’s exactly what you are! You’re the Boss of your business and the BOSS of your life!

However, being the BOSS and carrying the weight of that everyday can get lonely, that’s exactly why I created The B-LAB! This is the place to meet and engage with other Entrepreneurs going through the exact day to day processes as you.

My team and I are inside this community helping you, celebrating you and supporting you through your Entrepreneur journey… along with 37,000+ Entrepreneurs!

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