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Do you already have an email marketing strategy planned for 2023?
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In this video, I share top email marketing trends that will allow you to stand out and make the customers open your emails? What is the best email design? How to employ AI in your email marketing and personalize your emails?

Videos I mentioned:
SMS Marketing Tutorial for Beginners → https://youtu.be/n6ObB_7t4nM
Never use SMS Bump! This is why → https://youtu.be/HOXmqkTbDbY

🎁 Start on Klaviyo for free: https://bit.ly/3pPzRH0

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• Use our blueprints for your e-commerce email flows: http://flowmaster.vip
• Steal the best subject lines (my personal vault): https://luckandco.agency/subject-lines-ecommerce-freebie/

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00:00 Introduction
00:54 Minimalism
01:28 Advanced email personalization
02:49 Employ AI
03:45 Replace generic Call to action
04:27 Interactive emails
05:04 Short-form emails
05:58 Say goodbye to open rates
06:25 Focus on privacy
06:58 Add SMS marketing to the mix

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