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In this email marketing tip, I talk about how many autoresponder emails are really needed in your autoresponder account. For more marketing coaching and help making money online visit: https://seekprosperity.com/yt

This email marketing advice will apply for any autoresponder you are using such as:

-Active Campaign
-Convert Kit
-Mail Chimp
-Mailer Lite
-Constant Contact

Basically any autoresponder…

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⌚ Time Stamps:
0:00 – This email marketing tip works for all autoresponders
0:31 – How many emails you should have in your series
1:15 – What happens if everyone uses the same emails
1:45 – Number of emails inside my aweber account
2:16 – Email copy I use for email 2
2:46 – What kind of emails to send your email list
4:13 – Bonus email tip – Number 1 factor for higher open rates

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