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Topics covered during the video:

1.) What is Email Marketing?

2.) Don’t of Email Marketing

Buying leads (don’t)

Bulk mailing (don’t)

Promoting offers (don’t)

3.) 40x revenue

4.) Doesn’t happen free of cost

Your email address has always remained the same

5.) Types of Lead magnet


Video series



Objective – To acquire email address & phone number

6.) Stop:

Stop spamming

Stop selling without adding value

7.) Types of Auto responders

Active Campaign
Mail chimp

These are used to send Automated Mails

8.) Biggest mistake committed by people – They try selling to people right away

9.) Understanding traffic temperature




10.) Nurturing the audience

11.) Customer value journey

12.) Ways to generate revenue*

Own programs

Affiliate offers

Create awareness



Book reviews

13.) Golden rule – Recommend only what you use

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14.) Type in the comments section if you want the the second part of this video. Topics to be covered in the second part:

A.) Best subject lines
B.) My emailing sequence
C.) Resend strategy
D.) Scaling
E.) Best time to send the mails

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