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In this video on email marketing, we will see what email marketing is, how to set up email marketing, the benefits of email marketing, A/B testing, different types of email campaigns, how to engage new users with your emails, along with a hands-on demo using the Mailchimp tool.

Below are the topics we will be discussing in the video today:
What is Email Marketing
Email Marketing Setup
Benefits of Email marketing
A/B Testing
Automating Emails
Types of email campaigns
How to engage new users
Demo using mail chimp
Email marketing interview questions

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Advanced Email Marketing Certification Training:
This Advanced Email Marketing Certification Training course helps you master advanced email marketing techniques and strategies. Learn how to draft an email and develop expertise in creating effective advertisements and brand awareness, and building customer trust and loyalty. This Advanced Email Marketing Course covers advanced marketing strategies and guides in creating effective advertisements to promote a product or service, request business, solicit sales/donations, and build loyalty, trust, and brand awareness.

Skills Covered:
✅ Driving traffic through emails
✅ Fundamental concepts of email marketing
✅ Building email lists
✅ Email campaigns
✅ Getting email subscribers
✅ Marketing brands through email

This course is best suited for those who want to leverage email as a marketing tool, including business owners and entrepreneurs, internet marketers, affiliate marketers, bloggers, and marketing and business development professionals who want more traffic, sales, and conversions.

Although not required, it’s ideal if participants complete the Email Marketing Foundations course before opting for this course. Ultimately, participants will need a basic working knowledge of HTML, internet usage, and Microsoft Office for a successful learning experience.

🔥Free Email Marketing Course: https://www.simplilearn.com/learn-email-marketing-free-course-skillup?utm_campaign=EmailMarketingFullCourse27Feb22&utm_medium=Description&utm_source=youtube

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