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I shared this Email Marketing Course for Beginners (Email Marketing Explained) with my team before posting it, and one of my team members said:


Fortunately for you, I’ve made it free.

The Ecommerce Email Marketing Playbook for Brands, Agencies and Freelancers.

You’ll learn:

– Understanding the core email flows you’ll want to setup first (with examples)

– Tips on how to setup your campaign calendar and examples of various campaign ideas

– The importance of list segmentation for maximum engagement and deliverability

– Best practices and advanced email marketing tactics

My Experience

– Acquired 1M+ online community members via non paid acquisition (primarily cold email + organic social).

– Driven $75+ million in email revenue for ecommerce clients since June 2018.

A few of our current and previous clients include:

– Orgain, NUGGS, The Chive, and Crossnet.

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