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Email Marketing Automation (Systeme.io Tutorial)

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In this video tutorial, I am going to go over how to set up Email Marketing Automation using systemeio, which helps you create a sequence for your emails, so you can automate the process of sending a campaign at certain times, or when certain events occur and you will find that systeme makes it easy for you to keep track of what automated emails have gone out and who has or hasn’t received them yet and you can also set up triggers that make sure your email goes out when you want it to, so for example, if someone signs up for your mailing list but doesn’t make any purchases within a week of signing up, they might not be interested in your product anymore, you can set up a trigger so that if they don’t make a purchase by the end of the week, you can send them an email asking if they still want to receive updates from you, which is pretty cools so pay close attention and most importantly implement what you learn in this video

How To Set Up Email Marketing Automation (Systeme.io Tutorial)

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