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Email marketing template is a pre-made template that gives marketers a starting point for their email. Templates are often referenced when marketers don’t want to start from scratch and build out an email wireframe with custom coding from the ground up. Email marketing templates provide a general framework to start from, while still allowing for vast personalization of color, photos, text sizing, branding, and fonts–often times via simple drag and drop features within an email builder.

There are many email marketing templates that serve a variety of different marketing purposes, such as newsletters, deals, surveys, events, and announcements. Campaign Monitor has a gallery of pre-designed, mobile-optimized email marketing templates that can be customized to fit company branding.
Email analytics is the method of tracking how your subscribers interact with your emails by tracking different metrics that deal with email delivery, engagement, and conversions. Such analytics helps email marketers to draw valuable insights and optimize and strategize email campaigns for better performance.

What Are Marketing Analytics Tools? Marketing analytics tools are software solutions that help advertisers track and forecast campaign performance. Marketing analysts can track a multitude of metrics such as ROAS, ROMI, CPL, CPC, deal with attribution modeling, and aggregate marketing data from different channels.

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