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Are your emails actually getting open? Are your subscribers actually clicking on the content you’re sending? If they’re not getting open, and your click-through rate is just in the gutter, it’s time to change things up.

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1:04 Step 1 | Scrub Your List
2:08 Step 2 | Personalize Your Messages
3:04 Step 3 | Segment Your Audience
3:40 Step 4 | Test, Test, Test!
4:10 Step 5 | Automate When You Can


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89% of markers use email as their primary channel for lead-generation, and 22% of markers actually report click-through rates of over 20%, versus the industry average of 10.69%. So, if you want sky-high click-through rates, it’s attainable. You just have to execute the right strategy. Here are few simple steps that you need to implement ASAP, for the next hundred days, so that your email campaigns can be successful.

Step one, scrub your list. Here’s the thing. You want your list to keep growing bigger and bigger, right? If you keep sending emails to people who don’t open up your email, even if they don’t mark it as spam, even if they don’t unsubscribe, but if they don’t open up your email. So offer solutions like Gmail and Outlook, will start putting your emails in other people’s spam boxes. So you want to unsubscribe. In other words, scrub your email list, remove people that don’t engage with your email list. It’s the easiest way to get your emails delivered in the inbox for everyone.

Step two, personalize your messages. We found that, when we personalize our subject line in our emails, we get open rates of up to 74% more. So, you can do little things like putting the person’s name in the subject line, right? That’s an easy way to personalize it. Or you can make your subject line all lowercase. See, when someone’s sending you a business email, a lot of times, they use the correct capitalizations, and punctuations, but when a buddy just sends you an email, it’s just short, to the point. A lot of times, it’s sloppy, but those kind of subject lines, they get a lot of opens, such as, like, if I have a buddy named John, and then I saw something cool, my subject line will be like, John, check this out. It’s short, it’s simple, but I know my buddy John will open it.

Step three, segment your audience. When you segment your email list, you can do things like, buyers versus non-buyers, people who have added things to their cart, but have not completed. We found that, when you segment, you generate more revenue, versus non-segmenting. For example, if you’re already a repeat buyer, and you’re on my email list, why would I send you the same email I would send someone who hasn’t ever made a purchase? You’d be like, I already bought that. Why are you sending me an email on that? That’s why segmenting is really important.

Step four, test, test, and test some more. Test out copy. Test out your design and button variations. More than 50% of markers use A/B testing to boost conversions. Look, just because I’m telling you what’s working for our clients at our ad agency, NP Digital, doesn’t mean it’s always going to work a hundred percent of the time. You have to test, ’cause it’s a little bit different for every single industry, and every type of list. And if you just want my team to do all this testing, and email marketing for you, check us out at npdigital.com.

Step five, automate when you can. Trigger-based emails are super-effective. Open rates for trigger emails can be highest, 49% from what we’ve seen, such as, they buy this. You may send another email, with a upsell or a downsell. That’s a really effective trickle-based email.

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