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How To Master Email Marketing & Write Emails That SELL
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Have you ever heard one of the following statements?

📣 Email marketing is DEAD.
📣 AI is taking over the inbox.
📣 Why hire a copywriter when I can just use email templates?
📣 Who needs an email list when I have a large social media following?

Pretty sure we’ve all heard misconceptions like those a time or two…

Whether it was from an “industry expert,” a social media “influencer,” or your great-aunt Marcia at the latest family barbecue.

“Why are you writing emails, dear? I heard that’s a dead-in-the-water career.” 👵🏻

🙄 Okay, Marcia. Let me just stop you right there…

Because I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Three little secrets, to be exact.

In this tutorial, I’m busting down three of the biggest myths and misconceptions that are floating around cyberspace when it comes to the “outlook” of email marketing.

And I’m also going to fill you in on a secret weapon that’ll give you a massive advantage and leg-up over any competition (yeah — robot competition included) 🤖

Now let’s bust some myths.

P.S. Watch until the end to get a super rad gift 😉


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