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Show Description:
📧 Dive into the World of Cold Email Marketing with Andrew Hodukavich on the Wholesaling Partners Podcast!

Join us in an enlightening episode where we welcome Andrew Hodukavich, the founder of Leadhype, to explore the use of cold email marketing in the real estate wholesaling business.

As SMS marketing faces stricter regulations, discovering effective alternatives is key for reaching owners of distressed properties.

🏚️ Episode Highlights:

Expert Insights: Andrew brings his wealth of knowledge and experience in cold email strategies.

Distressed Properties Focus: Learn how to target owners of distressed properties effectively.

Navigating Regulations: Understand how cold email marketing can be a powerful tool in your arsenal, especially with tightening SMS marketing regulations.

Leadhype’s Approach: Discover the unique methods and systems developed by Leadhype to maximize the impact of your email campaigns.

Practical Tips: Gain actionable advice on setting up successful cold email campaigns, managing responses, and converting leads into profitable deals.

🌟 Don’t Miss This Episode If You’re:

A wholesaler looking for innovative ways to reach property owners.

Interested in diversifying your outreach strategies beyond traditional SMS, cold calling, and snail mail marketing.

Keen on understanding the nuances of cold email marketing in real estate.

🔥 Tune in to transform your marketing approach and tap into the potential of cold email marketing with expert guidance from Andrew Hodukavich.

Get ready to elevate your real estate investment strategies to new heights with the Wholesaling Partners Podcast!