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* Jury selection talk – some potential jurors listened to podcasts, watched Dateline & 20/20 and he complains he still had to use strikes to get them off.
* He thinks potential jurors lied to try and get on the case. One posted on FB about it months earlier and that juror ended up coming to sit in on the trial.
* Donna says it wasn’t a fair jury.
* Charlie says he had cameras put up in his house just days after the shooting
* Charlie talks about Wendi’s ex – Dave. He liked him more than Wendi and Dave liked the boys a lot.
*Charlie minimizes his relationship with Katie and says she was protecting him. Says they never really hung out unless he was giving her money.
*Complains about the autopsy photos being shown on big screens for long periods of time.


Transcript is not verbatim. It is a guide while listening and has inaccuracies.

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