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Real emails this time! I answer all the questions from earlier in the month in this vlog. Everything from behind the scenes, my shelf of shame, how complex is too complex, and more! Email me more in the future and I’ll answer your question!
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Time Stamp:
00:00 – Q&A!!!
00:43 – Best Games in Categories
05:36 – World Series of Board Gaming?
08:51 – Ark Nova Underrated Or Overrated?
10:56 – Content Creator Communication with industry folks
16:33 – Whats on your Shelf of Shame?
18:28 – How do you sell/trade your games?
20:06 – How do you Boardgamegeek?
21:03 – Can you play Arcs ?
22:13 – How complex is too complex for you?
25:17 – More frustrating scenario?
26:11 – Flavor text vs language independence?
27:11 – Games to play again soon?
28:20 – Final Ramble