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In this video, We are explaining about Free & Paid Tools for Email Marketing. Please do watch the complete video for in-depth information.

Looking for the best email marketing software? I’ve tried all of them and in this video I reveal my top recommendation for the best email marketing platform this year!

Email marketing is really important for every business and helping in overall growth, promotions and engagement with your customers and prospects.
If you are a business or a startup and want to grow your business through email marketing and it is new for you then you can try mailbluster and visit their website.
Economical, Reliable, Easy to Use and many other benefits. Free version is also available for everyone.

Email Marketing is still one of the best ways to boost the revenue of your business! But how do you find the best email marketing tool that works for your specific business? Well, this video will give you the answer 🙂 I’ve tested 8 different email marketing platforms over the past couple of months and I’ve created tutorials about all of them. I have now a good overview of what email marketing service performs the best in different categories. I’ve analysed these 8 email marketing softwares in 5 categories: price, features, ease of use, deliverability and support. Watch the video until the end to find the best email marketing service for you!

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