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Best Email Marketing Platform – What’s Working in 2022
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00:02 – Intro
01:25 – What is Email Marketing
02:17 – Email Marketing For Business
02:39 – Best Email Marketing Platforms
04:11 – Email Marketing Platform
05:16 – ConvertKit Review
07:38 – Outro
Hi, Not sure which service to choose for your email marketing? Today I will help you figure it out. It’s about a very reliable and proven service So, you need to market through email using tools like ConvertKit itself. You’re in luck, because there are many options out there.
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What We Like About ConvertKit?
ConvertKit is easy to use. Formerly called ConvertKit, the company claims ConvertKit now suits it more because it means “Selfless service.” Well, what better way to offer selfless service than to make email marketing easy to use? This is the main aim of ConvertKit as a platform and it achieved it. You can build an email automation the first time you use it. That’s how easy it is to use.
Its tag-based system makes email automation easier. You can tag your subscribers based on the actions they take and how they interact with your content. And you can do it automatically.