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Today is TBT!!! And we have here another extract from one of Brent’s podcasts, where he follows up with a student jus exactly how much follow up she’s doing herswlf! Listen in for a brief but insightful take into how following up on your leads can almost be the single most important thing to do, as a beginner wholesaler. If your strategy includes direct mail or email marketing, then you’ll certainly want to get your hands on this particular advice… and get mailing!

This series is intended to peak your interest in this unconventional real estate wholesaling strategy (both in the acquisition as in the dispo end of the deal). We are, of course, talking about wholesaling land. We’re bringing you the highlights, the gold nuggets, that Brent and his guests discuss in his podcast: nips and buds from the vine.

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Playing the outfield with the asset that can build you a passive income goldmine with Brent Bowers, from The Land Sharks Program.

Build a massive rental portfolio from scratch using none of your own money with David Dodge, from the Brrrr Method Mastery Program.

Reviving dead leads while zero-basing your marketing budget AND turning low or no-equity homes into profitable deals with Chis Craddock, from the REI Revive Program.

From cold calling and driving for dollars to the celebrity status of mass media, be it land, houses or no-equity properties, we have all your wholesaling expertise needs covered…

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