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In this video, we’re going to look at how to use ActiveCampaign to create a marketing system that can grow your business while you sleep. ActiveCampaign is the marketing automation solution that helps you close more deals faster and scale your business. Take a look at how it works and how easy it is for anyone – no matter their skill level – to succeed.


0:00:00 Intro
0:00:06 Course Overview
0:01:23 Pricing And Account Opening
0:03:31 Affiliate & Partner Programs
0:05:12 Affiliate Marketing Policy
0:07:05 Account Settings
0:09:10 Trial Limitations
0:10:17 Zapier Integrations
0:13:25 Internal Integrations
0:14:19 Importing and Adding Contacts
0:16:15 Contact Management Tools
0:18:30 Creating Lists
0:20:05 List Management Tools
0:21:21 Creating A Campaign
0:24:09 Campaign Management Tools
0:25:56 Creating Autoresponder
0:28:21 Creating Sign Up Forms
0:30:06 Reporting & Confirmation
0:31:02 Creating Deals
0:33:11 Managing Deals
0:34:21 Basic Course Conclusion
0:35:19 ActiveCampaign Advanced Course Overview
0:36:14 Starting the Automation Process: Recipe Based
0:38:50 Creating Automations From Scratch: Customizing The Triggers
0:40:17 Actions Based On Triggers
0:50:20 Email Deliverability
0:52:33 Live Example: Setting Up A WordPress Integration
0:54:11 Live Example: Setting Up A Zapier Integration
0:55:53 Live Example: Creating A List
0:57:31 Live Example: Creating A Form
0:59:53 Live Example: Creating A Newsletter
1:01:36 Live Example: Creating An Automated Message
1:04:32 Live Example: Creating A Tag
1:06:10 Live Example: Creating a Tag Based Automation
1:07:54 Live Example: Creating a Deal + Automation
1:10:27 Conclusion

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