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More than 128,000 emails from Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop have been publicly uploaded into a searchable online database – one of which suggests a Mexican billionaire was given access to the White House because Hunter Biden asked for it.

Garrett Ziegler, a former Donald Trump White House staffer, was behind the upload.

Web users who visit BidenLaptopEmails.com are given the option of searching the online database or downloading the entire cache.

“What Garrett Ziegler’s done is post 120,000 emails to a website that anyone can search around the world,” Sky News Washington Correspondent Annelise Nielsen said.

“One of the emails in this leak that’s been put on the website has suggested that there was access given to a Mexican billionaire because Hunter Biden asked for it – and that included access to the inauguration and the White House as well.

“These are really serious allegations put forward in these emails, they’ll have to go through the verification process as well.”

Ms Nielsen recounted how the media and social giants reacted to the news of the emails back in October, 2020.

“This has been a controversial saga in the US, mainstream media ignored the leak of Hunter Biden’s laptop when it first happened during the election campaign, it was dismissed as Russian disinformation and then it was said to be hacked,” she said.

“That led to some pretty senior figures sharing it being blocked off social media channels including Kayleigh McEnany, who represented Trump as his press secretary.

“It was largely ignored – it was this year that The Washington Post and The New York Times said that they had verified that they were indeed legitimate emails.

“The questions raised by these emails is what access Hunter Biden has been offering to Joe Biden when he was vice president and previously as a senator as well.”