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A staggering figure: 60,000 U.S. State Department emails were stolen by Chinese hackers. GOP presidential candidate Nikki Haley clashed with Vivek Ramaswamy over TikTok during Wednesday’s debate. Meanwhile, TikTok ads tried to woo Republicans tuning in to Fox News.
President Joe Biden’s brother is telling the FBI about the family’s alleged efforts to help a Chinese company.
China will “backfire,” according to Taiwan’s foreign minister, who warned Beijing against threats to influence the island’s elections.

00:00 Intro
00:54 60,000 State Dept. Emails Stolen by Chinese Hackers
02:26 Fox News Cuts to TikTok Ad as Debaters Critique China
04:30 Surrogates, Campaign Advisers Weigh in on GOP Debate
07:54 James Biden Tried to Help CCP Official Buy a U.S. Factory: Memo
09:54 U.S. to Lift Subsidies for EVs Using Chinese Materials
11:06 Taiwan Unveils First Homegrown Submarine
12:07 China Knows It Will ‘Backfire’: Taiwan Minister on Alleged Election Interference
13:17 Evergrande: Authorities Suspect Chairman of Crimes
14:11 32 Contestants Selected for Miss NTD Beauty Pageant
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